• ABS
    "Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene" type of plastic which due to its chemical composition, is more durable than conventional plastics 
  • Acacia
    Tropical wood "acacia" with density of 540 kg/m3, suitable for outdoor furniture.
  • Alu
  • Antique
    Painting - imitation of old furniture (antique).
  • Bent Glass
    Glass molted under high temperature.
  • Bent Wood
    Wood processed with steam until it becomes flexible.
  • Bonded Leather
    Artificial leather made from at least 60% skin residuals mixed with polyurethane.
  • Cement
    Cement shade paint.
  • Deco
    Printed leather.
  • Ebony Oak
    Black birch color.
  • Elm
    Fir shade color.
  • Frame
  • Geniuine Leather
    First quality leather.
  • Grain
    Surface with grayish texture.
  • Half Round Wicker
    Round synthetic lace cut in the waist along imitation bamboo.
  • Hard Acacia
    Indian solid acacia, exceptional strength.
  • HDPE
    High density and durable polyethylene.
  • High Gloss
    Glossy lacquer.
  • Inox
    Strainless metal alloy for indoor use.
  • Inox #304
    Stainless metal alloy for outdoor use.
  • KD
    Knocked / Down, The product needs assembly to be in used.
  • Leather Air
    Synthetic fabric made to look like leather but has the “breath” of the fabric. It also has a light velvety texture for a more pleasant feeling.
  • Leg Tube
    Tube frame.
  • Linen Pu
    Synthetic leather with linen fabric texture.
  • Malaysian Oak
    Malaysian oak with density of 595 kg/m3, suitable for indoors furniture.
  • Mango
    Wood of Indian origin.
  • Massage
    Muscle relaxant massage mechanism is included.
  • MDF
    "Medium Density Fiberboard" Artificial wood made of wood pulp with chemical blends and glue.
  • Μesh
    Perforated material.
  • Mesh CS
    Perforated horizontal weaving material.
  • Μicrofiber
    Synthetic fiber with a diameter less than silks. Usually made of Polyester.
  • Μilky White
  • MP
    Reinforced carton for greater protection during transport.
  • Nabuk
    100% polyester fabric with texture and leather feel.
  • Oak
    Types of wood oak.
  • Οlefin
    Synthetic fabric of exceptional resistance to sunlight and humidity. Very resistant to fungi and stains.
  • Patchwork
    Fabric of stitching of different designs and quality small pieces of fabric.
  • PC
  • Pear Glass
    Decorative glass translucent, internally embossed.
  • Pine
  • Pole
    The umbrella tissue.
  • Polywood
    Imitation wood made of polypropylene.
  • PP
  • PP-UV
    Plastic processed for resistance to sunlight.
  • PU
    Imitation leather (polyurethane coated PU fabric).
  • PU Belt
    Synthetic strap.
  • PU Rope
    Synthetic rope.
  • Push Up
    Push Up
  • PVC
    Imitation leather (Polyvinyl chloride PVC coated fabric).
  • Relax
    Change positions of seat for better rest.
  • Rib
  • Round Wicker
    Round synthetic lace, bamboo imitation.
  • Sheesham
    Wood of Indian origin.
  • Silk Screen Glass
    Decorative glass processed with ceramic ink, scratch-resistant, sun-shaded and anti-fog.
  • Sonoma
    Color of darker birch.
  • Sonoma Oak
    Color of gray-birch.
  • Steel
  • Synchro
    Expansion mechanism, for simultaneous opening of both sides of the table.
  • Tempered Glass
    Thermal processed glass that increases its durability 4-6 times. In case of breakage, it crumbles in pieces, small enough to avoid injuries.
  • Textilene
    Perforated plastic fabric.
  • Tortora
    Hue color of beige sand.
  • Twin Wicker
    Synthetic double line cord.
  • Velure
    Velvet fabric.
  • Veneer
    Wood veneer.
  • Water Repellent
    Water repellent.
  • Waterwave Glass
    Corrugated decorative glass (interior embossed).
  • Wenge
    Wenge color, dark walnut.
  • White Wash
    White wash.
  • Wicker
    Flat synthetic lace, bamboo lookalike.
  • Wire Wicker
    Round synthetic lace, carrying a metal wire in its center.
  • Zebrano
    Wood imitation with colorful stripes
  • Zipper
  • Impregnation
    Dyeing of wood with industrial enameling dipping.
  • Impregnation Decore
    Dyeing of wood with industrial enameling double dipping with different colors.
  • Lacquer Impergnation    Single / Double
    Single / double  water-based coatings for wood with industrial enameling dipping.