Terms of use


Terms of Use



By browsing the Wood Well ZYMARIDIS S.A. website, visitors and B2B services clients unconditionally consent to the terms hereof, which the visitor/client and user has to carefully read.

In the event that the visitor/client and user of B2B services disagrees with the Terms of Use, they have to declare their disagreement and request to have their password deleted by sending a related email and in any case, they shall be obliged not to make use thereof.

If the visitor/user disagrees with these terms of use, they shall be obliged not to browse through the Wood Well ZYMARIDIS S.A. website and not to make use of any information contained herein.

Minors cannot use this website and its content, which, as provided for by law, exclusively addresses to adults. Minor users of this website may access the website services only upon their parents or guardians’ consent; otherwise the company shall bear no responsibility.

Visitors/clients and users of B2B services provided by the Wood Well ZYMARIDIS S.A. website are obliged to carefully read these terms of use and in case of their disagreeing, they must:

a. The Client/ User of B2B services must contact the Company requesting to have his/her password deleted and stop making use thereof.


b. The Client/ User may not browse any website and use any information thereof.

Otherwise it is inferred that the Client/User fully accepts the terms hereof for all pages of the Wood Well ZYMARIDIS S.A. website.

1. Limitation of Liability:  

Access to the Wood Well ZYMARIDIS S.A. website and the use of its electronic services is carried out in the Client/User’s responsibility and the Company shall by no means be responsible for any direct, consequential or indirect damage which may arise from accessing, browsing and using the website.

The Company shall not bear any responsibility, assume or get charged, either directly or indirectly, when browsing, accessing, using or storing any data (texts, photos or files, etc) with any form of expenses – costs (fees of technicians, experts, lawyers or any other expense), which may arise.

Such problems include but are not limited to: program malfunctions, errors or omissions, transfer delays from the computer or the network, virus, bug, human action or omission thereof, hardware and software.

The Company informs you that it shall endeavor to keep its website information and data clear, full and accurate, without any explicit or indirect guarantee, and thus without bearing any related responsibility. 

Wood Well ZYMARIDIS S.A. shall by no means be responsible, even in case of negligence, for any damage arising from the use of its website information, content or services.

The Company shall not be regarded to have violated any of the Terms hereof if its failure to accomplish any of its obligations is attributed to a fact falling beyond its control, such as a major default of the power network, significant failure of the Internet, natural disaster, war, rebellion, epidemic, strike, or other organized labor actions, acts of terror, or other facts of gravity or type for which the fields of trade or industry cannot take any related precautions.

2.  Intellectual Property Rights:

The Company shall communicate, express and officially present itself through the electronic address www.woodwell.gr, the B2B platform and through printed material (brochures), which are assets of the Company.

The use of trademarks and distinctive features of the Company (codes, names, descriptions and item photos, information etc.) shall be compulsorily carried out under the following terms and conditions. Use of and browsing through the Company website shall unconditionally and automatically mean that the client or the visitor accepts and is subject to these terms.

The Client/ Visitor fully and to their fullest extent recognizes the rights of industrial and intellectual property in general, over any trademarks, distinctive features, designs and templates that the Company uses for the production and trade of its commodities, which are protected by the applicable legislation on intangible goods and free competition and he/she shall be explicitly obliged to abstain from any infringement of these rights and prevent any such infringement by any other party trading with them.

As a result, the Client/Visitor is prohibited from copying, republishing, transferring, issuing, uploading, reproducing, translating or including any information and data of the Company website without its prior consent in writing.

The Client/ Visitor may not use the Company network or services thereof in order to download, publish, distribute or by any other means copy or otherwise use a text, photo-image or other work protected by the Commercial Law, unless the Company has explicitly provided its consent or otherwise permitted under the applicable Commercial Law.

The Company has established a policy on terminating collaborations with Clients who repeatedly violate the Terms of Use – Cooperation.


3. Prohibition of Unfair Competition practices: 

The Client/ Reseller, if trading in the Company products, being accompanied with all legal documentation, may use the trademarks and distinctive features of the Company, always subject to its written consent, in a manner that does not affect their distinctiveness, validity and reputation. He is also obliged to inform the Company of the e-shops he makes use of.

Among others, the Client/Reseller shall be obliged not to proceed to any act or omission that shall affect the clients by creating misleading impressions:

(a) Direct use of the Company trade name for a period of time which creates confusion between companies and easily attract clientele.

(b) Imitation of trade name, use of the Company’s clientele and offer notifications sent to such clientele, with a view to solicit and attract consumers at the Client/Reseller’s website/site.

(c) Failing to inform consumers that the store does not belong to the Company network or poor information which may lead to the Company’s defamation. 

(d) Use of packaging bearing the company’s trademarks on third suppliers’ commodities.

(e) Including in his website, pricelist or receipt the Company’s distinctive features without its prior consent.

(f) False or inaccurate statements in relation to the characteristics of its own products, which may affect clients’ free choice. 

(g) Excessive solicitation with a view to distort consumers’ objective judgment.

(h) Imitation of formative elements of products or distinctive features of the Company, descriptions, codes and photos of items, so that consumers erroneously perceive that the third party’s products or services come from the Company (attachment and unfair solicitation of clientele/ exploitation of third party’s reputation).

Within the framework of a transaction, the use of trademarks and distinctive features of the Company by the Client/ Reseller should not mislead consumers and pose a risk of confusion or correlation.

The Client/Reseller shall be obliged to carry out all transactions under normal market practices and principles of morality, abstaining from any acts of unfair competition.

The objective of these terms is that competitive freedom be exercised within the framework set by the principle of high-level competition, so that the clients express their preference based, as much as possible, on objective criteria, such as higher quality and favorable price, as well as the better service of clients, more effective distribution network, etc.

When the Company’s interests are affected in means that do not meet the principle of the “best offer”, then, an act of unfair competition rises.

For any actual or potential violation of the trademarks and distinctive features or use thereof as manifested by third parties, the Company may, at its discretion, proceed to any act, judicial or otherwise, for rebutting this violation or infringement and omitting the same in the future, raise its objections and take any other required measure for the preventive or repressive protection thereof.

4. Illegal and infringing behaviors:  

The Visitor/Client has to comply with the rules of ethics and the related legislation, as well as the provisions of the Greek and International Law governing communications and abstain from any illegal and abusive use of the content and the services of the Company’s website.

The Visitor/ Client shall be exclusively responsible for any damage caused to the website or the internet, which arises from any bad or unfair use of the Company electronic services. He should also not publish or spread any slanderous – abusive – threatening or any other illegal material which could give rise to civil responsibility & criminal offence.

The Company as well as all the parties involved in the construction of websites, although they monitor and supervise the website, disclaim any liability for any damage or claim which could arise from defamation – misused identity – abuse or blasphemy, etc.

5. Revisions – Applicable Law: 

The Company may at any time and on any ground change the Terms of Use & Transactions or the legal information, without being obliged to previously inform or notify, provided that any alteration shall be compliant with the applicable legislation and standards. The Visitor/ Client has to check on any alteration, as the use and browsing through the website automatically means the acceptance of its Terms & Legal Information, as they may be force. Otherwise, he has to abstain from the website use and browsing.

The Company shall not be regarded to have violated any of these Terms if it fails to meet any of its obligations as a result of a fact beyond its control, such as a major default of the power network, significant failure of the Internet, natural disaster, war, rebellion, epidemic, strike, or other organized labor actions, acts of terror, or other facts of gravity or type for which the fields of trade or industry cannot take any related precautions.

These Terms of Use – Cooperation may be enhanced by any other related cooperation - commercial transaction agreement, as well as any Annexes that the Company may wish.

The Company reserves the right to verify the user/visitor’s compliance with the terms and conditions governing the use of the website and any related application thereof.

If any term or provision hereof is judged by any court to violate the law or to be inapplicable, it shall be invalid and automatically be out of force, without, however, affecting the validity and the enforcement of the remaining provisions hereof, which shall remain unaffected.

This agreement and any relation established between the parties shall be governed by the greek and European law and any dispute which may arise and which cannot be amicably resolved, shall fall under the jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens.